Sketchup Scenes Not Updated in Layout

In Layout, Views, the Scenes from my Sketchup model are not updating. The new scenes in my Sketchup model have been saved. I have “Updated the Model Reference” in Layout… yet the Scenes are not showing up in Layout.

How did you get the SketchUp model into LayOut in the first place?

Have you modified the scene properties for the viewports in LayOut?

Can you share the SketchUp and LayOut file so we can see what you are working with?

1.) In Layout. File > Insert > Selected SketchUp model file.

2.) Only when trying to trouble shoot.

3.) The Scenes have now appeared in Layout. Why the delay? Should this not be more immediate? Or should I expect to wait a period of time before the scenes show up in layout?

And once you have the SketchUp file inserted are you copying the viewports to make more?

You would have to wait until the viewport(s) on the current page is/are updated before the new scenes would show in the list. Render time will be influenced by the complexity of the model and the render type.