SketchUp Scene update in Layout

I added a foundation plan scene to my sketchup model. When I add a page in Layout Then import the model again to ad the new plan, the new scene does not show up in the SketchUp Model tray.
Any help?

Did you save the SketchUp file after making the change? Did you update the reference in LayOut? Perhaps you could share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on. Share it with me privately if you don’t want to make it public.

My apology for this late answer, and thank you much for your advice. The part I don’t know about is “updating the reference in LayOut”. I expected that inserting the updated skp file would do that. No? I am looking into it now and hope to here from you as well.

To update the reference, right click on the viewport in LayOut and choose Update Model Reference.

There’s no need to reinsert the SKP file.

It’s important that you do not edit the viewports and break the link to the scenes in SketchUp. Avoid thoe scenes showing up as modified in the SketchUp inspector window in LayOut.