"Open with Sketchup" in layout creates a new reference model?

I have been using the “Open with Sketchup” option in my layout files when creating my drawings and noticing I need to update something in the model. To my knowledge this should open the model that is being referenced in the layout scene. By opening the model this way, the layout scenes will update automatically each time you save an update in your model.

I have been doing this to reduce the amount I need to select “Update Model Reference”. Now I notice that Sketchup seems to be creating a new distinct model reference when using the “Open with Sketchup”. It does not actually update the original file. This concerns me because when I go to open the model on its own, it is back in the original state (prior to the updates I made using “Open with Sketchup” option).

Shouldn’t these models be connected and the same? Why is there a new model file when using “Open with Sketchup”? Am I missing something? Is there a shortcut or more streamlined way to keep your layout scenes up to date with the Sketchup model reference (the “Open with Sketchup” option doesn’t seem to work)??

Right clicking on a viewport to use Open with SketchUp should not create a new reference. It should be opening the original reference file unless you’ve done something to disconnect the LayOut file from the original.

Does the reference show as embedded in the References list? How do you get the model into LayOut in the first place?

Share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.

Are you still using SU2021?

Attached are the layout file and the model it references.


For whatever reason when I use “Open with Sketchup” in my layout file, it opens a file refernce that has all these numbers at the beginning and end, but does not show that same reference in the “Sketchup Model” drop down in my layout window.

See photos below.

There are only two SketchUp references in this LayOut file.

All of those numbers indicate that it’s the embedded file that is being opened, not your original working file. How did you add the SketchUp file to LayOut in the first place? Did you copy from SketchUp and paste it into LayOut?

Note that the status of the .skp references show as missing for me because my computer can’t see the file locations on your computer.

For some reason the references to the tables are blank for me although that can be fixed.

Here I’ve relinked to the SketchUp file you shared. Now the path is shown pointing to the Downloads folder on my computer.

Anotherthought. Did you start this LO file on one computer and then work on it on a different computer at some point?

Okay interesting. I must have moved files around or something on the backend.
I always use “File > Insert” to put my models into layout.

Everything works well when I “Relink Model Reference” and then “Open with Sketchup”
I should’ve done that before posting in the forum…
Thanks as always @DaveR

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Moving the original SketchUp files would do that, too. Then when opening the file from LayOut, SketchUp has no alternative but to use the embedded version of the file since it can’t see the original. Check the References list from time to time to make sure LayOut is looking at the files you expect it to be looking at.

I would suggest that you keep the SketchUp files and the LayOut file(s) for a project in the same folder. That will prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Good luck going forward. And you’re quite welcome.

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