How do I prevent Layout from setting up a new reference file?



After I sent a Sketchup model to layout, save and close, upon reopening the layout file I find it has made a reference model file separate from the original sketchup model.
Is there a way to keep it referenced to the original model without having to unlink and relink each time I open layout? I want to be able to keep editing the original model!


The reference file is part of the LayOut file. There’s no way to prevent it from being made. You can still continue editing the original SKP file.


Thanks for your response! Will edits to the original Sketchup file update the reference file, or does it stay static?


Edits to the original can update the reference if you want. If you’ve saved and closed the LO file, you’ll be alerted that the SU file has been updated and asked if you want to update it. If you open the SketchUp file from LayOut, edits you make to the SKP file will be made in the original. If you are going back and forth between SketchUp and LO, save the changes in SU and then right click on a viewport in LO and choose Update Reference.

By the way, there shouldn’t be a reason you’d regularly unlink the SKP file from LO.

Make sure your viewports don’t show their scenes as modified.


Thanks so much for your help on this. I am running into problems working between LO and SU; I guess now I am unclear on how to get the original SU file to update the reference file. Which model should I be working in, my original model or the one in the ref folder?
I am familiar with how to manually update the model from LO by right-clicking, and was finding that changes to the original are not reflected and the ref file is often “Missing” from Document Setup–> references. Then I have to relink it. Not sure what I am doing wrong in my work flow!


I sent you a PM with my e-mail address. Maybe you could send me your LO file so I can see what you’ve got going on.