Reference Sketchup file changing?


I’m working on a set of construction documents for my home remodel. I’ve created all my scenes and have started to set up pages in Layout with different viewports. I was editing my Sketchup file and saving the changes but not seeing them reflected in Layout after I updated the model reference.

When I go to document setup to check the referenced files I find that instead of the file I inserted - Current plan it’s now 1424534555_Current plan and shows it’s staus as embedded instead of current. I have no idea how this happened or what to do about it short of deleting all the scenes and re-importing.

Any help would be much appreciated.



In layout, go to File/document setup…

In there, go to references, select the reference you are having issues with, and click on relink. Then, select the file you want this file to reference.

This happens when paths change, or maybe if you use different machines and sync files between them using dropbox (or skydryve or…). The path changes, even if both skp and lo files are at the same folder.

Unlike acad, layout saves a copy of the sketchup model (s) referenced inside the lo file. That way, if you move a lo file, references are not lost.


thanks! I had tried re-linking files once with no luck. It must have been a fluke because later I needed to relink a file and it went fine.