Change referenced model

I have updated my SketchUp model file, and now would like to return to LayOut for presentation. How do I change the reference in LayOut from the older file to the current file?

Is it the same SketchUp model? If so, open the LayOut project. It should alert you to the fact that the SKP file is newer and update it for you. Or, if the link to the reference file is current, you can right click on a viewport and choose Update Model Reference. Or in File>Document Setup, select the SKP file and choose Relink if you’ve changed the file name.

If the file has a new name you can go to File > Document Setup > References and relink to the new file.

You can also keep the same name of the file throughout its life, and when you want to save a copy, e.g. before doing destructive changes or before doing a revision, you can use SketchUp’s Save A Copy As feature. I use this feature all the time!

Thanks! I needed to be pointed in the right direction.


Yes, the SketchUp model’s name is a new one, in sequence, since I am one of the one’s who often gets a “File is currently locked …” message though this was rumored to have been fixed several versions ago. I guess I am gifted.

Thanks again.

You can relink it but what if they were all part of one file but now I want to split that file due to the huge model size / complexity. How do I re-link specific models without affecting other sheets linked to that specific file? It’s driving me nuts. Any ideas?

What version of SketchUp/LayOut are you using? Please complete your profile.

Which file do you want to split?

Do you mean how do you relink specific viewports to other SketchUp models? In LO2020 you can relink selected viewports to different SketchUp models without relinking all of them.

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