Embedded copies of sketchup file in Layout Document setup window

Why do I keep getting multiple copies of my sketchup file under the embedded status and why am I having trouble being able to update the file in Layout?

Maybe you have changed the location of the SU and LO files? If so LO makes a temporary version of the SU file and drags it around with it.

It sounds like you are dragging and dropping from SketchUp to LayOut. Each time you do that, it creates a new reference. This is a lousy workflow because of the problems you’ve already seen and because it dramatically bloats the file size.

The proper work flow involves creating scenes in SketchUp and then sending the SketchUp file to LayOut or insert it from LayOut’s File>Insert. Copy the viewports throughout the LO doc as needed and select the appropriate scene for each viewport.

If you need to make changes to the views, do that in SketchUp and update the scenes. Do not let the viewports show as modified in the SketchUp Model inspector window in LayOut.

Thanks Dave ! All good advice that I totally agree with.
I did drag and drop some Jpegs and I did initially modify a couple of views. I have since restarted the entire process and I created a new layout document that follows all your recommendations to the Tee! I still for some reason keep getting a second Sketchup model reference in the document set up window and all the scenes were created in Sketchup now . I am going to start over again this time with a whole new file and all new scenes in sketchup just to be sure.

My final question. When you do modify a scene in layout, does layout then create a new embedded reference sketchup file in the document window? Is that what happened to me the first time?

This is a good possibility! thanks

Do you know if working on files that are in the cloud affects how sketchup and Layout handles them?

You shouldn’t get a second SketchUp reference if you are just copying one viewport in LO to make additional ones.

No. It shouldn’t. It should just show the scene as modified.