How to change a copy of layout file and sketchup model but keep original in tact


I have been making a living for years drafting residential plans using sketchup and Layout but have never figured out if it is possible to make changes to a copied Layout file with it’s embedded sketchup model and not alter the model in the original. I realize the Layout part can be edited but the sketchup model that I need to make alterations to, changes for both Layout files and so messes up my original set of plans . Aren’t both the original Layout file and the copied file embedded with the same sketchup model. Is there a way to change the model the copied Layout file is embedded with or is it impossible?


After you copy the LO file, save it with a new name. And then, in File>Document Setup>References, select the SketchUp file and choose Unlink to embed the file. This will disconnect it from the original SKP file. The new name by be a little inconvenient so you can open that new SKP file, save it with a new name and then in LO, relink the SKP file to the newly named version.


where is the option to select a sketchup file or to Embed


Highlight the SKP file in the list and choose Unlink.


I do that and then purge is high lighted so I hit that but nothing happens.


I think it worked. I hit relink and was given the choice of the shetchup model copy which I selected. Thank you so much. Never tried forum before. Very impressed.


Why would you do that? Purging would only do something if there was an unused reference in the file. You’d have to delete all the viewports in the project to purge an unused SKP file.

It sounds like you have what you want now, then?


Yes thank you.


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