Skp and lay-out file COPY

I have worked out a skp file in layout. Now the construction of the building appears to be completely different. Is it possible when I make a copy of this skp file so I can make all the changes in it, and at the same time make a copy of it’s lay-out file? So I can edit this one as well. So the first version of skp and lay are save, and I can edit both new skp and lay-out files. This saves a lot of work if I don’t have to convert all the work that needs to be done.
Thank you in advance.

Yes. You can do that. I would open the LayOut file and immediately click Save as… and change the name. Add ‘version 2’ or whatever. Then go to File>Document Setup>References, select the SketchUp file and unlink it. That will remove the connection to the original SketchUp file. Right click on one of the viewports and choose Open with SketchUp. Make your edits to the SketchUp model. When you save those changes and go back to LayOut, the viewports should update.

Optional but I would recommend at some point saving your version 2 SketchUp file into your project folder for the client too. That just gives you a back up copy of the file. If you do that, go back to References in LayOut, select the .skp file and relink to that file.

That went very smooth. All my viewports changed with it. As I was hoping for.
Thanks again!!!

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