Creating A New Layout File By Updating The SKP

So, here’s the scenario:
I have a well-tuned sketchup model that has all the right layers, scenes etc and it has a corresponding Layout document and the two work well together to communicate how to manufacture a particular product (lets call it “Product_A”).

Now, I need to slightly modify the SKP file of Product_A to create Product_B.

I want to keep Product_A and its corresponding Layout document just the way they are but modify it to create Product_B, which is only slightly different. I would then like to update the Layout Document so it refers to Product_B (whilst retaining the Layout document for Product_A just the way it is) make the few notes and dimensions of changes to Product_B in Layout and now have two separate layout documents, referencing separate SKP files.

How can this be done?

Let’s see. This shouldn’t be too difficult.

Make the changes to your SketchUp file and use Save as… to save it as ‘Product B.skp’.
Open the LayOut file and immediately use Save as… Change the name to save it as ‘Product B.layout’.
In Document Setup>References, select the original SKP file, choose Relink and select the Product B.skp.


I feel like I’ve tried this but ended up with a scrambled mess.

But I can see that what you’re saying would work as long as I’ve got my layers and scenes well ordered in the original file first…

Looks like I just need to be more disciplined - thanks Dave

It should work as long as you don’t screw up the layers and scenes.

Disciplined. Yes. We could probably all be more disciplined. :smiley:

Tell me about it,

I recently opened a file from a few years back and was thinking to myself “who on earth drew this?”

Then I realized it was me :smirk:

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