Sketchup model lost but I can still see it in layout

I was working on a site survey in sketchup. When I went to reopen the SU and layout files, all the recent work on the SU model is gone, but it is all still there in layout. Refreshing layout, closing both, nothing changes it. Both models have identical names. Anyone come across this and is there a way to recover the model somehow through layout??


right click the viewport in Layout that has the thing you want and choose “open in sketchup” - you will open the copy of the SKP file that resides inside the Layout document

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Wonderful - thank you! Was losing my mind there.

If opening the copy from LO shows your edits, it is clear you’ve got two separate files. You should look at File>Document Setup>References in LayOut and see what the path and status are for the SketchUp file. If the one that is embedded in the LayOut file is the current version, you should open it and do a Save as to replace the outdated one. Then relink the LayOut reference to the one you just saved.

Another way you can do it - rename the .layout file to .zip

You can then open it and inside a folder called ref, you’ll find any SKP files embedded.

Thanks so much. I have it safely back now.