Model reference not updating in Layout

My SketchUp link in Layout is not updated. I have made some changes in Sketchup as follows:

  • added a wall section and grouped it, then updated the scene
  • hid another wall portion in outliner and updated the scene.
    when I go over to my Layout file and right click to ‘update the model reference’, nothing happens

Did you ‘save’ the sketchup file after making the changes?

In addition to what @Box asked, are the Camera properties modified?

It would help if you share the SketchUp file and the LayOut file that you are working on.

Yes I did

My files are very large - about 200MB, should I attempt to upload it here?

  • also, I should admit that I use the Outliner pretty much extensively to turn groups off and on for various scenes, rather than using Tags…would this be a problem for the ‘update mode reference’ function?

No. Upload them to DropBox or similar and share the links.

It could be a problem. You can control tag visibility in LayOut. You cannot control Hidden, unhidden objects in LayOut.

you’ll see that I use scenes extensively to create animated virtual tours for my clients. I then upload them to Vimeo where they can also choose ‘Chapters’ in the video to jump to various scenes of their home

The most common reason I’ve seen this is that I keep saving revision versions of my model file and I forgot to point LO to the current version of the model.

By ‘revision versions’, do you mean ‘save as’ to the same file name? I do this because I feel that just ‘saving’ the file doesn’t always update the model right away.

One thing I see in your LO file is evidence of copying and pasting between SU and LO. I haven’t looked farther yet.

ok thanks Dave. Do you think I should always just ‘insert’ the same file from sketchup for each page rather than copy and past?

No. Once you have the first viewport established you should copy and paste that viewport. Don’t copy and paste from the SketchUp model.

Yes, understood. I don’t believe I have copied and pasted from the SketchUp model.

I do “save as” and give it a new version number like “My Model v1,0”, “My Model v1,1”, etc. When I save v1,1 but LO is still pointed to v1,0, of course it doesn’t update. Made me crazy till I figured it out.

References indicate otherwise.

I have copied and pasted picture shots of other things like materials samples, etc, but not from the Sketchup model itself

Check your PMs.

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I see. No, I haven’t saved the file under different names.