LayOut 2020 not Updating SketchUp Model Reference

Hey, first time posting.
Im relatively new using this software but i have noticed LayOut Behaving strangely. I started using SketchUp and LayOut in 2019 version. Since updating to 2020 LayOut has been failing to update SU model reference after i make revisions. This isn’t happening all the time and its difficult for me to pinpoint anything specific that might lead to this error. I have noticed it acting up when i have a large number of scenes or make any change to model texture. Any ideas?

It’s hard to say without seeing your LO file. I can think of a number of reasons but exactly which one is your issue is impossible to say from the information presented.

Thank you for replying! Can you describe some of the reasons you think the issue might occur?

New to Layout 20 is the ability to make changes to the model view within Layout. If any of your model window settings are dark gray in Layout they have been edited and that could account for a viewport not behaving as you expected.

Without seeing your Layout file impossible to tell for sure.

That is very helpful, thank you. Is there a way to share my SU and LO files easily in this forum? I’d love to help pinpoint the issue.

Sorry. Called away.

Assuming the LO file is too large to upload here directly, you can upload it to Drop Box and share the link. No need to upload the SU file, though. The LO file includes it.

Thanks Dave! here is the File

What viewport(s) don’t update?

Is there a reason why the model is off axis in SketchUp and the viewports are rotated in LayOut?

I see a few viewports that had the camera positions modified in LO. If you make changes to the camera position for the scene in SketchUp, that change is not going to show in the modified viewport in LayOut because your editing of the viewport basically says you want to display the model that way and not the way it is in SU. As you select the viewports, pay attention to the shading of the various sections in the SketchUp Model panel. If they show dark and there’s a reset button, the viewport has been changed. Here’s an example. You can reset the viewport and then the updates from the SketchUp file should come through.

What i think is happening is I was making changes in a sketchup file that layout wasn’t referencing. Im not sure how that happened exactly. I exported to layout directly from SU and made changes on that specific SU file but somehow when i saved those changes they weren’t saved to the LO reference file…? IDK. When I look in Document Setup it says the reference file status is missing and the text is in red. Also the File name is different from my original file though i never renamed it.
As for the off axis model, when i made the scene using a standard view, that view was off axis and i didnt know how to fix that in SU. I drew a line in LO and rotated everything to as close to that line as i could get. I know that is not the right way but im new at this and teaching myself. I am also a luddite. just bought my first computer in 13 years so there is quite a learning curve for me still.
Thank you for all your help.