Layout Scene Update Issue

I am having mixed results in our office with Layout 2020 updating scenes. I just looked over a collogues print where he had the SketchUp model open. I saved the scene saved the model and tried to update in layout and nothing happened. Tried changing the scene and it still displayed the current view. I have also had layout completely disconnect scenes and refuse to relink. In all these cases I have had to close Layout and open it again.

Did you try relinking the SketchUp reference to the file you were working on? Does the viewport show as modified in LayOut?

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Part of this is user error. I did not understand the new Layout reset camera option for scenes was working. Still some refusal to relink but only a intermittent problem.

Ah… LayOut 2020. Your profile indicates 2019 so I was thinking about 2019 options.

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I will update my profile. I forgot about that.

Layout 2020 has introduced new options to make adjustments to the way a SketchUp model is presented in a viewport from within Layout. If any of the properties is edited from within Layout, that setting made in Layout will override any changes made to the scene in SketchUp. This state of having been modified is indicated by the window turning dark grey. Each setting can independently be either dark grey indicating it is being overridden, or the original light grey indicating that it is still tied to the properties of the saved SketchUp Scene.

One needs to pay close attention to these colors now, If one aspect is dark grey, then no amount of updating and re-saving the scene will change that quality, it must be released from within Layout by pressing the reset button in the upper right of that window, or the reset all button in the top right of the SketchUp Model window.

This new ability can be confusing as you can now have a viewport which appears to mostly update with the scene, but not quite. For example the camera position and style may change as expected when the scene is updated, but the shadows refuse to turn off, even if they are off in the scene, because they are being overridden in Layout.

Here is the SketchUp Model window in Layout with nothing modified, some of the options modified and some left tied to the scene, and all the options modified. The grey is subtle, although I love this new feature, I wish this color change was user editable, I would prefer a brighter highlight when modified.


The new tag control feature inside layout is very powerful and yes be cautious of the reset button. For my detail library, it streamlines the number of scenes inside SketchUp significantly.

For other drawing types like plans and sections, it is best to stay with the old process of scenes for each view. This becomes particularly obvious with projects that have oblique angles.

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I’m not advocating for any particular workflow. Just clarifying how some of the new features in Layout 2020 work, details that might account for the inconstant scene updating that the OP was experiencing.