'Send to Layout' vs importing into Layout?

Can someone tell me the difference between the Send to Layout function in Sketchup versus opening Layout and importing the model from there?

Fewer clicks.

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Fewer clicks when using “Send to Layout”?

Yep! Clicking will open LayOut and create a model viewport in a new LayOut document. Give it a try!

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At some point you will want to make your own template(s) for LayOut with the desired paper size, fonts, and layers. At least one of those layers will be for your SketchUp viewports. If you make the viewport layer active before you save the template, the first viewport will automatically be placed on that layer.

Also it’s important to understand that you only send your SketchUp file to the LayOut project once. After that you copy that viewport to create additional ones on other pages. Same would apply with using Insert in LayOut. Insert the .skp file only once.

Thank you! I’m new to Layout and I didn’t even know you could copy viewports! That is the best thing I’ve learned so far!!!

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Good deal. Make sure you are creating scenes in SketchUp to use for the views in LayOut.

I always use “insert” from Layout. For me it is faster since I am using multiple templates in LO. This method is not necessarily slower since you can preselect the layer you want the viewport to be inserted ahead of the process.

Totally agree… Send to LayOut is kind of like “prepare for printing”

It’s a short but to get your model onto a page for output.

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