V2020 layout dramas

Having dramas trying to COPY from Sketchup and PASTE into my v2020 layout page.

In SU, I can usually position the thing how and where I want, select it, COPY it from SU and then PASTE it directly into the layout page.
well, now it is just pasting the TOP VIEW for some stupid reason no matter what.

Can anyone help?

That’s not the recommended way to bring SU scenes into Layout.

Have you set up scenes in SU?

In SU you should File>Send to Layout.

Or in Layout File>Insert.

Whatever, if you don’t setup dedicated scenes, Layout will show the Last Saved SketchUp View.

Hi Paul thanks for that. I have used this method for a while and had no drama… now suddenly it ins’t. I did try the send to layout thing a while back but it kept the grey background in it which annoyed me. How do I send to layout without the grey or any background?

And I think I need to learn how to use scenes too…

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Save the according style settings in the scenes.

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I agree with Paul. Copying and pasting from SketchUp to LayOut is the wrong way to create the views in the LayOut document. You should either use Send to LayOut from SketchUp or File>Insert in LayOut to get the first viewport created. From there you can copy the viewport within the document to create the additional ones. As @Cotty said, you can set up the style in SketchUp so there is now background color. Additionally, in the SketchUp Model inspector panel in the tray on the right side of the LayOut window, you can untick Background (bottom of the Styles section.)

I think that would be considered an understatement. :wink:

The drama you are experiencing is basically brought on by your workflow. A correct workflow would avoid the drama.

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Using Insert instead of Send to LayOut is the best option, because you can insert on an existing page. Send to LayOut makes a new page. After having one view of the model you can copy and paste the viewport to get other views. Then you’re pretty certain to only have one reference SketchUp file to keep updated.

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I have not used copy/paste but I understand that it wreaks havoc with file references. Instead of linking to your original SketchUp file it links to a temporary Windows location and association to your original model is lost.

Hi Colin, how do I insert a particular scene from my layout page? Where does it save the scenes I have made?

Just found the scenes thing, and eventually how to get the background to white. Thanks heaps to all of you sketchup gurus… thats a compliment

Hi Paul … so I made some scenes and seems to work. Tried send to layout after changing the bg to white, and was able to choose my template. It madd 5 copies of the scene in layout but all good. I’m on the way…

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