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I have a qustion regarding copy-paste object from one layout to another one. I am using for my project Layout A1 contemporary. When I "send to layout " from Sketch up vaiours views of the model, I am not able to send them into one layout but each and every time I have to select another layout (empty sheet). This would not be the big problem. But then I want to copy all imported views into one layout but this is not possible. I got the error message “The copies layers do not match the current layers of this document” But this is weird because if I want to copy/paste from Layout A3 (plain paper) there is no problem. How could I copy the views in A1 format??? Do you have any advice? Thank you very much for your help.

It’s not obvious what you mean.

Normal process would be to Send to Layout and choose the appropriate page size or template. Then make sure you have the right scene selected. If you want another scene on the same page, just copy and paste and change the scene reference. If you need a second page, just choose copy page and change the scene as required.

First, you should use Send to LayOut only once for a given LayOut project. Once you have the first viewport established, you copy that viewport to make additional ones in the document.

Paste in LayOut is actually Paste in place meaning the pasted entity (viewport, text block, image, etc) is in the same relative location as the copied entity. It’s relative to the top left corner of the page so when you copy from one paper size to another, it can appear as if the pasted entity is in a different location but it’s not. Going from one paper size to another generally requires moving the entites and possibly changing their size.

If you are intended to create a new document based on the old one, it would probably be simpler to first use Save as to save the LO file with a new name. Then in Document Setup, change to the new paperr size. After that you can move and resize the content as needed. A whole lot simpler that copying and pasting between LayOut documents.

Thank you for your help.

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Thank you very much.

You also don’t need to even use “send to layout”. I never do that. I always use “insert” from inside Layout. That way you already have your template open, and can pre choose the layer you want the SU model to be assigned.


Me also and i create basically templates per paper size with my dimension styles and all my common documentation cover notes, performance tables etc… insert from there saves me making about 10 pages

Thank you

Thank you for advice

Hi Dave, well I followed your instructions. It is little bit weird, because I did not have this problem when I chose in Layout as a template “A3 Plain paper” . This time I decided for “A1 Title block”. What happended? I created scenes in SU and updated them before sending one to layout. Everything was fine, then I copied the scene and opened wieport to select scene which I wanted to have as second one. But the scenes completly chnaged. There was no wieport of that scene (room wall wieport) but instead of that there was house wall wieport and it also changed in SU. When I wanted to return to SU scenes which I updated there were actually no updated scenes but as I mentioned the house walls. Sorry for my english, I tried to explain how it is. This is my second project during my interior designer course, so I am not professionalist.

What modifications had you made to the viewport before you copied it and changed the scene. A common problem for new users is that they modify scene properties for the viewport. When they copy the viewport and chaange the scene, the new viewport retains the modifications from the original. This is especially problematic if you modify the Camera properties. You can tell that the properties have been modified by the dark background and the presence of the Reset and reset All buttons in the SketchUp Model panel.

Do you still have the problem LO file and caan you share it?

My advice is to avoid doing anything to a viewport that results in the Reset button showing in the Camera section of the Sketchup Model panel. From long experience here it is clear that users tend to create more problems for themselves when they modify the Camera properties. This means avoiding opening the viewport to move the camera or zoom and leaving standard View and the Ortho tick box alone.

Set up your scenes in SketchUp the way you want to show the model in each viewport. If you need to change the camera position, do that in Sketchup and update the scene before updating the reference in LayOut.

Well, I did it 5 times the same way - it did not work- and on 6th time I did again the same and it worked🙂 Therefore I do not understand. I just needed to do wieports of each room and after updating the scenes in sketchup and selecting the styles I did not do any changes (first I selected the style I want - with white background, then selected Paralell Projection , used section cuts and selected the view - TOP, BACK…whichever I wanted…then I updated the scene and send to layout. The first scene was sent to LO without any problem, I set dimension and ticked Ortho, then copied this viewport and after copying I selected the viewport but as I mentioned there were different scenes…and this is what I did not understand…so I tried again and again…and then at the end I was able to see the correct viewports…but I did not do anything different. I have done it but with great problems and it was time consuming for me…I just wanted to know where might be the problem…but thank you anyway🙂

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I expect this is part if not all of your problem.

That modified the Camera properties. Don’t do that. There’s no need to tick that box in LayOut if you’ve set up your scenes correctly in SketchUp.

Again, sharing the LayOut file would help us help you.

Thank you for the explanation.I will try it this way. If it does not work for me I will share the file.

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