Error when pasting in Layout

Hello, I have an error with version 2020, when I copy a job from SketchUp to Layout and then paste it, the view changes and I cannot modify, I have left an angle that I do not want, in previous versions this did not happen. Thank you

You should not be copying from SketchUp and Pasting into LayOut. That opens you up to a number of problems.

Set up a scene in SketchUp that shows the model the way you want to see it in the LayOut document. If the SketchUp reference doesn’t already exist in the LayOut document, use File>Send to LayOut to start a new document or open a document in LayOut and use File>Insert to add it.

Whether copy and paste is recommended or not, it does work well. Can you make the smallest file that shows the problem, and add it to your post for us to try?

As long as you don’t need a real reference file.