Copy and paste inserted SketchUp drawing not working


I am having an issue with layout 2020 not copying and pasting an inserted sketchup drawing. In my current layout file, I have been able to perform the copy and paste function on previous pages in order to change from scene to scene. But then I will open a new page, insert a sketchup drawing from a new sketchup file reference, I will highlight the drawing in layout on the page, click copy, click paste and nothing happens. I tried relinking to the sketchup file, resaving the file in sketchup, deleting the layout page and starting again, closing and restarting layout - nothing helps.

Maybe someone can…



Pasting in LayOut is a paste in place operation. Are you sure you aren’t getting additional viewports stacked on top of each other?

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got.

My layout file is 233MB and too big to load here. Can you recommend a cloud site for uploading and linking to?

I am aware that it is paste in place and no, they are not getting stacked.

If I switch to another page in my layout file, I have no problem copying and pasting a viewport. It’s only the new page that won’t respond to the command.



Drop Box is a dependable site. It might not hurt to go through your SketchUp models and purge unused stuff from them and update the references. If it’s only on one page with one specific model, try inserting the model into a new, otherwise empty project and see what happens when you copy and paste.

Here’s the link to the file. Hope you can access it.

However, for some reason, after again messing with relinking the layout file to the sketchup file, the page is now responding to the copy/paste command. Not sure what I did.

But take a look and see you can find anything out of the ordinary, it may happen again on my next new page.

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I’m trying to see if I can figure out what was going on. One thing that seems kind of odd is that you have stacked viewports all on the same layer in LayOut. This makes them difficult to work with.

I did a copy and paste on a couple of different pages. It takes a little while due to the size of the .skp files and the render type but it does do it.