Layout viewport copy paste issue

I am having a new issue with Layout where if I copy a viewport and paste it on another page it is loses its connection to the model and there is a ghost image in the viewport but nothing in the model dialogue box showing a link to a file.
This is not consistent though. In the same file I can however copy and paste a different model reference viewport and it works fine.
Do I have to insert the same model again to get it onto the page I want it on??

Do you have Draft mode enabled in LayOut’s Settings>Performance?

No I didn’t. I just changed it now and it is still doing it. The interesting thing is that it appears that the viewport is converted into an image, when you right click it the dialogue box gives you the option to open with image editor.

Share the .skp file and the LO file.

They are pretty big. What’s the best method to do so?

Drop Box and share the link.

Well, your empty got uploaded.

To make it easier I have made a new simple layout file as it still acts the same way.

There’s nothing in the zip file on Drop Box.

It is still uploading. I will let you know when it has finished

it has uploaded

So I see a viewport tied to a model file on the first sheet.

On the second sheet there’s an image, though. The reference shows it as coming from the clipboard.

Exactly what process did you use to copy and paste the viewport? This is what I get when I copy the viewport and paste it to a new page.

I’m still waiting for the SketchUp file to open. Evidently it’s quite bloated. More after I see that.

Edit to add: I did my usual cleanup process that I employ when I get huge models from others. I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 4_30_2024 , 8_03_03 PM
And then purged unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 4_30_2024 , 8_06_43 PM
There’s a lof of file bloat from unused stuff.

There are also a lof of larger than necessary texture images which I reduced to a reasonable size.

After the cleanup I di the file size was reduced by about 52%.

I don’t know think this has anything to do with you winding up with an imge on the second shet in your LO document but it does make both the SketchUp model and the LO file very slow…

I’m puzzled as to why your model is so far from the origin. This isn’t a great thing and it has been shown to create graphics issues especially in LayOut. Best practice is to keep the model close to the origin.

This is what happens when I do the same thing

Very strange. I wonder if @adam has any comment on that. That’s not normal behavior. Do you see the same thing if you make a simple SketchUp model with a cube or something and copy the viewport the same way?

Yes I understand the distance from origin issue. The original files were setup with Survey info provided by a consultant and there to keep everything referenced correctly we worked with their origin. I am changing the way this is setup in future models so it reduces any further issues.

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It works fine with a simple model. It also works fine with a reference to another large model. I am thinking it has something to do with the model. This model has corrupted a couple of times now, so there must be something strange in it that is messing things up. I will do a cleanup of the file and see what happens.
Thanks for your help so far @DaveR

You may be right that there is something corrupt in the file. Here’s the one I ran through my usual cleanup steps. See if it behaves better for you.

Sorry I couldn’t find the exact problem.

Yeah I did my own clean up and it has worked. There was definitely something about the file. Thanks for your help @DaveR

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