Duplicate / copy viewport to another page doesn't work

Hi everyone!

I use version 2022 of Layout / Sketchup for MAC.

I have a problem with only one file, and I can’t solve it.

When trying to duplicate or copy the viewports to other pages in the same file, nothing happens.
If I duplicate or copy to the same page, everything is fine.
If I duplicate or copy text, numbers, lines, and other items to another page, it also works normally.
The error occurs only with viewports.

Does anyone know how I can fix it?
I have already opened the file on another computer, and it only occurs with this one.


Share the LO file so we can see how you have it set up. There’s likely a simple enough solution.

Hi Dave!

I put it in the wetransfer because it is too big

I cleaned up the file and left just a few pages to make it easier

Thanks for helping!!

I’ll try to help if I can get WeTransfer to start the download. 580 Mb is ridiculously huge.

I keep getting a server problem. Try using DropBox instead.

Yes, it is really heavy.

Is there any way to make the layout lighter as well?
The skp file is really heavy and I’ve tried reducing it as well.

Here is the dropox link:

Probably there is a way to lighten the whole thing. The DropBox link seems to have worked. Hang tight.

The first thing I did after getting the LO file open was open the SketchUp file…

I fixed incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 1_11_2023 , 10_35_49 AM

… and purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 1_11_2023 , 10_36_22 AM

There is a huge number of extremely large texture images that don’t need to be anywhere close to the size they are.

There is absolutely no reason why a package label or a soap wrapper should be over ten thousand pixels wide.

I’m not finished yet but I need to let the fix process here before I can go on.

I had no idea about the “material resizer”. I have downloaded it too.
About cleaning the file, do you recommend any special plugin?

For purging unsed stuff you can go to Model Info>Statistics and click on the Purge button. I use a plugin that doesn’t the same thing because it gives the report I showed. I used Default Layer Geometry from Sketchucation to fix the incorrec tag usage, first.

A little more: I reduced the size of nearly 200 materials. Between that and the purge, I was able to reduce the size of the SketchUp model file by about 31%. It’s still a very large file with a lot of extremely overly-detailed components.

Many of the components you’ve collected, probably from the 3D Warehouse have lots of detail that will never be seen. That detail is not an asset, it’s a liability. Here’s a simple example from a smaller object:

Is there a reason you need the manufacturer’s name on the wall receptacles? Will that even be visible in the views of your model? Spread across the instances of the receptacle in your model that text adds over 60,500 entities (edges and faces) to your model. Those entites have to be looked at for rendering by both SketchUp and LayOut.

It looks to me as if your model is so huge that your computer can’t handle copying or duplicating pages in LO. It is bogging my computer down quite a lot, too.

Yes, I usually use sketchup’s own “purge” too.
I don’t need the plug mark. I will use the tips to improve the model and reduce the size then.

And yes, I mostly use 3Dwarehouse models, but I’ll keep an eye out to improve them when possible.

Thankssss for the help! I’ll try everything!!!

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Best practice is to download components from the Warehouse into a separate SketchUp file so you can examine them, clean them up, repair them, or reject them before you add them to your project model.

One thing you could look at besides labels and magazing cover images that can be read anyway, is pillows. Do you really need to show 8 pillows on a bed? Also look at things like this little towel. Is it worth the “cost” in entity count? 75600 of them? And it’s buried several levels deep in group wrappers. One level of grouping would be enough for this.

Good luck with the cleanup.

I’m still poking at your files but it’s really slow.

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I would skip the curved fronts and rounded corners, too, and use circles with, say, 10 segments. No one would notice.

I did a competition entry for an art museum. It was as big as three towels.


Do you use thumbnails for the pages?
With large files and a lot of geometry, it might take a while generating them…


Hey guys!
Thanks for the help!!!

I will improve these points to see if I can fix the mistakes.

Yes, there is no reason for such heavy blocks. I will keep a closer eye on this to improve the modeling

Some things I had no idea would impact this much. Now I know :slight_smile:

Thank you very much

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I agree about the towel :rofl:

About the pillows, yes! It’s a decoration project and the items are importants :sweat_smile:

Maybe you could manage with some simpler pillows.

Hey guys,

I tried to fix the model I showed above, but it didn’t work.

I tested it with another skp file, from another project, with a much smaller size and the same thing happened.

But with other projects this doesn’t happen.

Could there be a block with a bug?

Share your latest LO file.

Share that file, too.

It might be that one of your obese components is causing a slow down because the excessive geometry is making your computer work hard.

FWIW, there are no blocks in SketchUp. There are components and groups.

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