Layout Copy an Pasting viewports as images?

I have a model file and a layout file, they were created by someone else, and I already know that there are bad practices, 12000 components etc. However in the layout file, if you copy and paste any viewport, its pastes as an image, if you open a new layout and copy a viewport from that same layout into the new one, it again pastes as an image.

Futhering this, if I do the same method on a my laptop (more powerful) it does the same.

Model: Link removed

Layout: Link removed

I copy / pasted one viewport and it pasted as a viewport within the your file and to a new file.

I don’t want to do anymore as Layout grinds to a halt for about a minute every time I want to do something !

On pages 3 to 7, the plan on each page is actually part of a montage image that occupies the entire page.

I don’t know Cor Domi but perhaps they are just an interior design service and the “plans” on the pages above are screenshots from an architect’s package.

Thanks for the reply, the issue was that the model file was overly complex, purging the file, closing layout, solved the issue. Thanks all