My model disappears when I change Camera to Perspective

I am trying to create several Viewports on one page. I import my scene (in this case an elevation) from Sketchup. Once I have the elevation image on my LO page, Layout does not let me COPY and PASTE the scene to create another viewport window on the page, I have to Copy and Duplicate (CMMD + D) to copy it. Then when I go into the new viewport and I want to change the elevation to a perspective and I change the camera to perspective then click out of the viewport to save, my image and viewport completely disappear. One note: when I do C and V (copy paste) it copies the blue rectangle but no image, Cmmd + D is the only way I can get a viewport with a scene in it.

Best practice would be to create scenes in SketchUp that show your model the way you need to see it in LayOut. That’s better than modifying the camera position in the viewport in LayOut. In your case I would guess that you’ve got the camera set so far away from the model (or maybe inside the model) for the elevation that when you switch to Perspective in the viewport the model is not shown. You can try making the viewport larger or zoom and orbit until you find it. Or take the easy way out and do what I wrote in the first sentence. That will head off future problems with labels and dimensions, too.

Thanks Dave, creating the scene with the appropriate camera angel worked. Thanks!

Now my only other issue is that my Copy and Paste is not working. I can’t CTRL C and CTRL V or Copy and Paste from one page to another. If I want a new scene on each page, I have to INSERT a new viewport scene on every page. If I’m on one single page though, I can DUPLICATE a viewport but I can’t Copy and Paste a viewport from page to page, any ideas?

And I have updated all of my SU and LO versions. Working on a MacBook Pro Catalina.

It works perfectly for me.
Is the model large? Are you giving LO enough time to think?
Is the model view on a layer that is turned off on the other page?
Post a LayOut file that causes you problems, if you can. If it is too large to post directly on the forum, load it to a cloud service (Dropbox, GDrive…), make it public and post the link here.

The standard Copy and Paste shortcuts on Mac are Command-C and Command-V not Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V.

Don’t insert a SketchUp file into a single LayOut project more than once and don’t copy and paste from SketchUp to LayOut.

Hey Dave, Sorry I meant Command C and V - I’m using those commands and they aren’t working. Also I tried with the drop down menu to Copy and Paste with no luck.

Good catch. I only see the logo on the backside of my wife’s MBP screen but I have largely forgotten how to use one.

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As @Anssi asked, share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.

Sure, how do I share the file?

Assuming it’s too large to upload directly by dragging and dropping it into a reply, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Ok uploading now and will send you a link shortly, thanks.

not sure if the link came through?

You have to allow access.

I can’t seem to ‘share’ it

ok try this :slight_smile: