Link stuck in Layout Memory?


As I battle the layout dragon, I see these tidbits of information, and when the situation arises, I try them. But, perhaps I recall them imperfectly but I can’t seem to make them work. Example:

I read somewhere you can copy and paste a view port into your document. It seems when I do this, it appears on top of an existing viewport, so I have to drag it to where I want it to be on the page. To me that’s counter intuitive, you should place the cursor where you want your viewport and paste it there.

But what was happening is this: When I pasted my viewport, the viewport was from a different input. It contained an RTF file I had pasted in earlier in the day. For the life of me, I couldn’t get it to stop pasting the wrong link. I would recopy the existing viewport and paste, but no, it was the RTF. I can’t recall what I did to fix it - I think I ended up inserting the same sketchup model. Why would it not copy the viewport?

Does everybody go through this, or is it just me?



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If you are on Windows, copied objects are kept in the memory interface called ClipBoard (or PasteBoard.)

IF what you were trying to add to the clipboard was not acceptable, then what was previously in it (the RTF file) will remain. So when you do a paste operation the RTF was pasted.

You might have stumbled upon a bug. But I just tried it and had no problem selecting a current viewport, choosing Copy from the context menu, switching to a new page and choosing Paste from the context menu. A copy of the viewport was pasted without having to re-insert the model. I then went into the View tab of the Model panle and changed this new viewport to a different scene page of the model.

So the first step is to be sure that you activate the SelectTool in order to select an existing viewport object, before right-clicking to copy it.

A general rule of thumb, when applications act screwy, save often, and restart the application. If that doesn’t happen, reboot the computer to totally refresh memory.