Cut and paste view ports

I am having a problem trying to cut and paste viewports. I have several viewpoints on one sheet and I want to remove them from that sheet and paste them onto a different sheet complete with all the labels.

I tried selecting them by dragging on the top left down, and from the top right down. But the results is either it just wants to copy the text and not the drawing or layout crashes and I have to restart it and reopen the recovered doc.

I must be doing something wrong but I can’t seem to find any instructions on how to cut and paste a complete viewpoint with labels onto another sheet. What I don’t want to do is to have to just delete them and then reinsert, and relabel them on another page.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have.

I’m running in 2018 pro on a pc laptop.G

Check the layers state for locking?

What happened was this - I had copied my directory onto a thumb drive, loaded it into my laptop. I figured out it wasn’t finding the references, so I fixed that. I was then able to copy and paste the view ports - but then a really nasty glitch occurred.

I did some updates to my model, saved them, and when I went to do the update the references in LO they wouldn’t appear. It was stuck only referencing the previous version. So I tried removing the reference, but because it was “embedded” I couldn’t remove it. I tried purge, unlink and relink, shut down and restart - nothing worked. Ultimately I saved my model to a different directory under a different name, then deleted the “old” viewport and inserted the new version one from the different directory. Sigh. G