Layout cut and paste

I used to be able to cut and paste imported scenes while in layout, then alter the scene. Sometimes this doesn’t work. I copy and nothing pastes. Why not? Seems to happen sporadically.

Copying and pasting viewports works just fine here. If you use the basic copy and paste functions, the pasted viewport is pasted in place over the original unless you paste it onto another page. Are you sure that’s not happening?

I have seen some cases with very large Sketchup files where copying to the clipboard take a fair amount of time. Make sure your SketchUp model is purged of unused stuff and is as clean as you can make it.

I’m absolutely sure that it’s not pasting. I’ve done this for years and haven’t had troubles before. But you might be on to something when you mention purging. Besides purging unused textures, are there other ways to purge? Can you direct me to help with this?

The easiest way to purge the unused stuff from your model is to go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click the Purge Unused button. It’ll purge unused components before purging materials. If you only purge materials, you won’t get rid of the ones used on components that might be unused.

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