Copy and paste from sketchup to layout

I find it easier to copy and paste from sketchup to layout than using scenes, the problem I’m having is that the drawing always show up yellow. Is there a way to copy and paste without it turning yellow?

While it might seem easier, copying and pasting from SU to LO is a bad idea. It creates extra references which bloats the file and makes more problems when you need to update the model.

Use the right process from the beginning. Either send to LayOut from SketchUp or File>Insert in LO. Then copy the first viewport to make the additional ones. Make scenes in SU for the viewports.

Thanks I figured it out, you can change the the style using the styles window in layout

You can select a different style in the SketchUp Model panel but that doesn’t fix the problems you create by copying and pasting between SketchUp and LayOut.

By the way, which version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.