Beginner to SketchUp Pro - Trouble inserting SU image into LO

I am new to SketchUp Pro. I created a document in SketchUp and saved it. I open the SketchUp Pro for Landscape Design - Layout Template.layout.
I clicked on Insert, found the SU document and clicked on it. What is pasted in LO is a few lines that do not resemble the original SU document. The original SU document opens just fine in SU. Please help.

Can you post your LAYOUT file here so we can take a look. Open a reply to this post and drag and drop the Layout file into it.

By accident, I discovered that if I select the few lines that show up and then go to the SketchUp model box and under Camera change Ortho to 1"=60’ (1:720), I can get my original SU image to show up properly in LO. Why would I need to do that? The image is not correct if I chose any other dimension.

SketchUp for Landscape Design - LAYOUT Template.layout (3.6 KB)

This is the template that I’m working from for LO.

This appears to be an empty template. I would need to see your actual Layout file, the one that is not working that you imported your SketchUp model into.

Have you made scenes in your SketchUp model to present in Layout?

Many many thanks for trying to help me. I finally figured out that the original SU file had not had the Scene properly updated. After I updated, I was able to insert the file correctly in LO.

Maybe the penny has dropped for you but just a note about SketchUp into LayOut. The viewport you get when you insert into LO (or send to LayOut from SketchUp) will display the scene that is active at the time the SU file is saved. It’s always a good idea to check your scenes before you get started on the LayOut doc.

And of course you only insert the SketchUp file into the LO doc once. After that you copy viewports to make the additional ones.

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