Can't insert files to Layout

I have 2019 SU Pro. I can’t insert a file to Layout. It does not appear in LO when I go through the INSERT process.
It shows LO version 2018. Is that the reason, is there a 2019 version of LO?

Do you have LayOut 2019 open? Or do you have LO2018 open?

No, I downloaded SU 2019. Do I need to do a separate process for downloading LO 2019? If so, how do I get the link?

I have 2018 open

SketchUp 2019 includes LayOut 2019. Assuming you’ve installed it correctly, you should have an icon on the desktop for LO2019.

You can’t send or open SketchUp 2019 files to/in LayOut 2018.

If you have Pro 2019, you have Layout 2019 too.

Usually, installing a later version of SU Pro also installs the later version of Layout as well, so I expect is is installed. But it sounds as if your shortcut to Layout is still pointing to your older, 2018 version.

That wont insert a later version SU 2019 file.

Make sure using Launcher that you are opening Layout 2019 and create a new shortcut for it.

And update your user profile on this forum which says SU 2016 still.

PS. As usual, DaveR beat me to the draw, and had answered before I’d finished typing! A great guy.

LO was in my applications folder. I opened it and so far seems to work.