Copy content from 1 Layout project to another

Hi All,

I am wondering if this can be achieved as it would save me alot of time re-doing my Layout document.

Before I created my own templates which I have now done, Thanks Dave R… I made a series of layout documents using Layouts default templates, but now that I have my own templates I am wondering can i copy and paste the models in the old Layout doc into my new Template.

Or should I just resign myself to the fact that I need to redo the entire document.

Yes. You can do that. Open both projects. Select the entities in the old project and hit Edit>Copy. Then go to the new project and hit Edit>Paste. One page at a time will keep it manageable.

Note, if you used layers in your old project, the same layer names need to existing in the new project in the same order for things to copy over correctly.

And you’re welcome.

Thanks Dave… are you the sole contributor on this site … anyway I’ll try it when I get Home burning the midnight oil
Here is a quick pic of one of the side assemblies I love it when the project jumps at you and comes rock life

Very nice.

No. Just hanging out waiting for something.

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Thanks Dave it worked out !!!

Another little pic glued up the sides this morning

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DaveR has answered many of my questions & been extraordinarily helpful sometimes at very unsocial times in his time zone. Its amazing how much he knows about Sketchup and other programmes. Can’t believe he also has time to hang around…:grinning:


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