Layout: Template refresh for existing Layout

Hi, looking arround for this, on the web, but can’t figure this one out.

I got a few layout’s with my older template design, and want them get updated with my new cool design, and also one on a different paper size.
How can I update the underlaying template?

Thank you.

Open your new template and the old file. Delete the old, unwanted content from the old file, copy and paste the new content into the old project. Paste is a paste in place operation so it should go very smoothly. Make sure you’re pasting your new content onto the proper layer.

Hi, thank you for your answer. :+1:

Manual labor!?!? :wink:

Because I am brand new to Layout, I was thinking maybe about a secret script, hidden button or one special key stroke.
Already busy with many keystroke’s.

Thank you again.

Sorry. Nope.

As in SketchUp, a template in LayOut is just a basic file which may or may not have some content already. You can’t assign a template to an existing file. You can only modify the file.