Where are my templates?

upgrade to 2021
my existing layout templates which I spent hours putting together are not found
where are they
mac os catalina

in 2021 I can save a new template but I want my former ones!

Each version of SketchUp and LayOut install as separate applications. If you didn’t remove the templates they will still be where they’ve been. The folder they are stored in is normally in User/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/… You should find them in the SketchUp 2020 folder under LayOut/Templates. You can either go in there and copy them to put into the equivalent location for LO2021 or you could open them first in LO2020 and save them somewhere like your desktop. Then in LO2021 open them and save them as templates from there. Most of my templates have content that needs updating each year so I prefer the latter so I can make the changes needed before saving them into my new Templates folder.


I will try what you suggest which sounds eminently sensible


Why doesn’t LO 2021 do it automatically?

Most of my other software seems to update seamlessly

You’re asking the wrong guy.

Most applications overwrite the older version when you install it. They don’t install separately like SketchUp and LayOut do. This allows you to make sure the new version will work on your system before you commit to it. It also give you the opportunity to make smart choices about the content you bring over to the new version. In my case I don’t want my old LayOut templates exactly as they are. Besides template content that is specific to the year, new features added in the new LO version, allow my templates to evolve to gain efficiency.

The same sort of stuff goes on in SketchUp and I use the installation of a new version to clean house. I don’t install extensions that I haven’t been using, I don’t copy over materials, templates, and styles that I don’t need. It doesn’t take long to do any of this stuff and I’m happy to be in control of it.


Yes I see now

I think I prefer for updates to keep my previous and then to allow me to update as I go along

Your route is a bit more aggressive…

Here’s an update, sort it out now as to what you want then click ‘go’