Where to find my templates?

I have just updated to Sketchup & LayOut 2022.

At first I tried to find the templates I made in '21 and I followed the instructions from the last time someone asked this but couldn’t seem to find anything.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to create new templates but save them somewhere I can locate! It only gave me one option on where to save it and didn’t show me the full location path to get there. So now I have a new template amongst probably my old templates and I still can’t find them! Any ideas??

Does this help?

That’s very useful to see visually!

I can get to ‘Application Support’ but there aren’t any Sketchup folders in this?! So I’m a bit stuck

Did you actually install SketchUp or are you running it from the .dmg file?

Good question… is the dmg file when you just drag the ‘app’ into your applications folder? That’s what I did.

If so, is there a better way to install it then?

The .dmg file is the one you downloaded from the website. To install it correctly you double click on the .dmg and in the window that opens, you drag SketchUp into Applications.


Yes I did this. I downloaded it last night and then came in this morning and opened sketchup & layout. All I had to do was log back in.

And now you’ve found the Template folder?


I’m going to restart my computer now and hope this offers some solutions but I’m not hopeful :joy:

That didn’t work!

When I go into ‘Application Support’ there is no Sketch up folder

The templates are in the User/Library Application Support directory, not in the Macintosh HD directory. It’s normally a hidden folder.

In SketchUp go to Preferences>Files. You should be able to open the folder from there.

Do you know where I find the User/ Library Application Support Directory without going through Mac HD directory?

I haven’t got any old templates from Sketchup but I can find the location of where they would be so that’s a good step!

LayOut is really the one I want to get old templates from but it is not under ‘preferences’.

I haven’t deleted 2021 yet because I thought this may remove my templates.

I basically want to be able to save my templates in Google Drive or something so the next time I do an update I have a copy of them somewhere. But I can’t seem to be able to redirect the ‘save’ path when I make a template nor find the original templates from 2021 to move them into Drive if this makes sense…

Again, the template files are in normally hidden directories. Maybe the best and easiest thing in your case would be to open LO2021 and open each of those templates. Then save them to your desktop or Documents folder. In LO2022, open those files and immediately save them using Save as Template.

Ah I see what you mean about hidden now!

That seems like the best solution, thanks! I didn’t think about doing it that way.

I guess when I make these new templates in LO2022, I should just save a copy of the file on my Drive and then I have them ready for when 2023 comes out, otherwise I’ll have the same situation again!!

You could do that although you could also just do the same thing as above just before you install SU2023.

I’m not sure you completely caught this good advice. In SketchUp 21 or 22 choose SketchUp>Preferences>Files>Templates and click on the folder icon on the far right. The Templates folder containing your templates will open in Finder.

Ah great, that’s very useful to know! Thank you :pray:

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You can also save your templates outside the application so you can find them easily. After all templates are simply a Layout file.

Instead of using “send to layout”, then choosing your template, You can also open your template layout file and import your SketchUp file. If you have more than one template like I do, it’s faster.

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