Using My Old Templates in SketchUp 2016?

Hello, After updating to 2016 pro i like my old self made templates, how to copy the templates to the 2016 version?? thanks :wink:

Your profile says you are on Mac, so I’ll be specific to that platform. The same idea will work on windows, though the folder paths are different.

The template files are located in

/Users/{your name}/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 201x/SketchUp/Templates

There are two ways you can go: simple copy or open and resave. The latter attack is more tedious but will convert the templates to the new SU version, which will otherwise happen later when you use them.

Note: your Library folder is hidden by default. Unless you have previously told Finder not to hide it, you will have to use Go->Go to Folder to get there.

sorry to say, i C’ant find the folder its the folder where are my templates a3 pages with my logo

if your looking for LayOut Templates then you should have posted in the LayOut thread…

but the two [SU & LO] are side by side anyway…

 /Users/<your name>/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 201x/LayOut/Templates


Lost the user name in that path, john! Maybe tried to bracket with greater than and less than?

/Users/{username}/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 201x/LayOut/Templates

cheers steve, fixed it with a code block…