How to import Templates from Layout 2018 into 2019

Windows 10 user, just upgraded to Sketchup 2019. Need my Layout Templates from the previous version (2018) I’ve looked for the files, nothing looks even remotely familiar.

Hi Judy! How’re things? They should be in User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/LayOut… which is a normally hidden directory. You can make it visible and copy the files to the equivalent location in SketchUp 2019. Or you can open the template files in LO2018 and save them someplace like on your desktop. Then open them in LO2019 and use File>Save as template. Once you’ve saved them as 2019 templates, you can delete them from the Desktop.

Thank you! I did figure out that I could just save an old doc in the new space - I was just a little panicked at the time. Thank you for your response. I’ll go fetch the rest.