Templates available

Is there any available templates in Layout 2018 ? can’t find them.
used to have some in 2015 version.
how can I transfer the one I have

There are the same templates that have always been available. When you start a new file, you should be offered templates to choose from unless you’ve disabled that. If you’ve created your own templates, you can copy them from the folder in 2015 and add them to your templates in LO2018. If you aren’t comfortable dealing with finding files in hidden locations, the easiest thing would be to open your templates in LO2015 and save them somewhere like in Documents. Then open them with LO2018 and immediately save them using File>Save as template.

Thank you for your reply,
That’s just it, when I start a new file all I have are choices of blank pages… A3 and A4

You should also see other choices on the left.

no other choices , that is the problem I am dealing with…

Interesting. I just opened LO2018 on my Mac and see the various options. I wonder if this is a localization difference? Is there a template from those default templates that you use? Or do you just want your own templates?

Thank you !
I don’t understand, very frustrating …I used to have the 2015 free version and I had all those options.
I suspect it might be because I have the french version? but I had the french version before.
I want my own template by it is easier to modify an existing one and not have to start from scratch !
Also, I don’t have drafting symbols in the scrapbook and really need those .

The 2015 free version didn’t include LayOut. Is it possible you should be looking for SketchUp templates instead of LayOut templates?

It doesn’t take much to create a template from scratch in LayOut but if you did have LayOut 2015 and you haven’t uninstalled it, you should be able to get your old template as I described above.

Layout was included for 1 month free ,but I can’t access anymore
I just want to understand why I don’t have them in this new version and why I don’t have more options in scrapbook

Yes. There would have been a 30 day trial period.

Did you buy the license for SketchUp and LayOut 2018? Or are you still using the 2018 trial period?

As I said, it may be that the templates weren’t include in the localized version. It would have been an oversight if that’s the case but I don’t know since I’m not using the French version.

As for the scrapbook symbols, you would need to install the electrical symbol scrapbook because they aren’t included with LayOut and never have been. There are some symbols included but not many. As I said before, there are some good scrapbook files available from Sketchucation.

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