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I have a really dumb question:

I copied a template from 2018 over to the appropriate folder in 2019. I then went and saved an existing model as 2019 as well. Then I clicked on the Send To Layout option but when the model shows up in Layout 2019, it is on a plain while page and did not use my template nor did it give me an opportunity to select a template. Once you have loaded a model into LayOut there is also no way to go select a template. So, how do I get this working correctly?

After you click Sent to LayOut, you should be presented with a window that asks you to choose a template. Like this:

If you want to use your own template, click on My Templates. It will display the templates you have saved for LO2019.

Select the template you want for the project and it should open with the viewport from the SketchUp model displayed.

Since it sounds like you selected one of the supplied templates instead of your own, you can either start over or you can open another LO project with File>New and choose your template for that one. Then copy what you’ve already done on the wrong template and paste it into the correct one.

Yes, that is exactly what I was expecting but it is not what is happening. When I click the link to send it to Layout, it does not give me an option to select a template. It is automatically selecting the blank sheet.

I also tried doing the File>New, chose my template and them tried to import my model to the template I had selected. This time I got an even bigger mess. My template was all in place but it just laid the same stuff I was seeing on the blank page on top of my template.

In my template, I have views set up for 3 different scenes in my model. Even when selecting my template before, I only get the scene that was selected when I saved the model. It does use the references like it did in 2018.

So have a look at Preferences>Startup. What do you have selected for New Document?

Since your template already has viewports established for scenes in your model, there must be a SketchUp reference model included in the template. The correct way to use the template and get those existing viewports to show the scenes of your new model would be to replace the original SKP reference with the new reference file. So instead of Send to LayOut or File>Insert, you need to open the template, go to File>Document Setup, select the SKP reference and choose Relink. Choose the new SKP file and assuming your new model has scene names that exactly match the ones in your templates reference SKP, the viewports will display your new model.

Sending to LayOut and File>Insert would just add a new SKP file reference because with those methods of getting the file into LO, you aren’t doing anything to replace the original SKP file.

Graphic example.

My template with the dummy SKP reference.

Click Relink, select desired SKP file. Done.

FWIW, this part is nothing new in LO2019. It’s worked that way from the very first version.

Thanks Dave, I do not know how I missed that button on the New Document setting. That fixed it for me. I can go either of 2 ways, use the Prompt for template, or set the Default template. I am embarrassed that I missed that.

Does beg the question though, if I have a model loaded and for some reason want to switch to another template, is there a way to do that without getting out and then starting from scratch? I think I saw this in another thread once before and the answer is no.

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As I said, above, start a new file using the desired template and then copy the contents from your false start. I guess I don’t see a reason why you’d get far enough along in your document that it would be a big deal to start over. I wouldn’t go farther than getting that first viewport showing before I’d realize I’d selected the wrong one.

I guess an alternative could be to copy the contents of the right template into your other document. But no. You can just choose a different template once you’ve started the document. Of course this is the same in SketchUp. You can’t choose a new template there, either. You can only modify the one you started with.

Yes, I agree. I was just hypothesizing and thinking if someone else looked at the thread the might have th same type of question… :wink:

Once again, thanks for the quick feedback.

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Yes, I am looking at this thread and had the same question – What if I change my mind and want to use a different template (ie Title block and page size)?? Does that seem so crazy? Maybe once I starting laying things out, I realize, a landscape version of the title block works better or I want t a bigger size? What if I want some pages in letter size and some larger or I want to change from landscape to portrait. I guess this is actually 2 things I want:
1- The ability to easily change the Title block format/style
2 - The ability to have different templates in one layout - different size paper, etc.

You can change the paper size and orientation and modify or move the title block as needed. Or, as I wrote before, you can copy your project content to a different template.

You could make your title block a scrapbook item and add it to any paper or template.

Having different size paper for different pages is a feature request and it may happen one day. I think there are a lot bigger fish to fry, though.

Thanks for the info DaveR, about copying.
Can the entire project be copied and pasted complete or only page by page and layer by layer?


You can only select the contents on one page at a time. If all layers are turned on and unlocked for the content for the page you can copy all of that stuff in one go. You’ll want to make sure you have the same layer names at the destination before pasting, though.

That was what I figured.
I had used the wrong template and was trying to figure out how to change templates without having to start over.


What was wrong with the template you did use? Maybe you don’t really need to copy the project from one to the other.

The boss wanted a different color scheme and layout.
I had already remade the template to match what he wanted.

OK. It might have been possible to simply modify the current LO project to suit and that might be easier than copying and pasting a bunch of pages.but either way works.

It was only 4 pages and the drawings weren’t all that complex.
Just an LED wall for small projects.


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