Layout Opens to Template but then just spins

I downloaded Sketchup 2019 yesterday. I created a file in Sketchup 2018 but opened and saved it in Sketch up 2019 to finish. I am done now so I sent the file to layout to create my presentation. Layout opens to pick a template but when I pick a template (I’ve tried many), I just see the spinning wheel. I have 7 scenes so I split the file into 2 and still cannot send the file to layout. Please advise.

Try this as a test. Create a new SketchUp model. Just a single cube and one scene. Save it and send to LayOut. Choose a basic plain paper template. Will that open?

It seems to be working now. I have no idea why. Thank you for the response.

Do you mean it’s working with the SketchUp file you were having problems with before?

Maybe you weren’t holding your tongue.

Yes working with the file I was having trouble with. Just happy its working!

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