No Templates in Layout 2019


Im working with a Sketchup pro Lizenz .

The question I have is regarding Layout 2019. I´m missing templates to choose from, when creating a new file. Nothing is offered except A3 and A4 standard blanks . Isn´t there supposed to be a variety of preset templates to chooose from?

It´s Layout 2019 19.3.252 OS Catalina 10.15.2.

Best regards Maik

There should be more templates. Try reinstalling SketchUp and LayOut.

No. Doesn´t work.

What OS?

Catalina 10.15.2

It’s interesting that the sections of templates are sorted alphabetical. It seems odd that “Paper” is showing as Standardvorlen, and Storyboard and Titleblock are missing.

What you’re showing is the templates in the welcome screen. If you do File/New, the templates are shown in a different way. Do you see more templates if you start a new document from the File menu?

I talked to Trent about this. It seems that those missing templates have a lot of English language text in them, and so only show up if your OS is set to English. It could be that in the past you had macOS set to English, and now you have it set to German.

The work arounds are to either set macOS back to English, install the English version of SketchUp, or open any previous document that uses one of those templates and save it as a template (after deleting everything but the template bits I suppose). Then you should get a My Templates list next to the Standardvorlegen ones.