Deleting a template from LayOut 2019

SketchUp 2019 Pro on a Mac running Mojave 10.14.3.

Two questions.

First, where exactly are LayOut templates stored? I’ve searched my hard drive high and low and cannot find any template folder for LayOut, or SketchUp. An older post (in this forum) from 2014 says to look in “users/username/library/application support/…”. There is no “application support” folder in my user library. In the main library folder on my hard drive there is an “application support” folder but nothing for SketchUp or LayOut.

Second, (this should be obvious from the answer to the first question), how do I delete a LayOut template?

Application Support is a normally hidden folder so you need to show hidden folders first.

Deleting a LayOut template is done by selecting the template file and sending it to Trash.

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Dave, I figured you’d be first on this one.

I feel a little embarrassed but I know how to show hidden folders on my virtual PC (Windows) but I’ve never had to do it for my native Mac. I followed the steps in the “show hidden folders” link you provided (after slugging through all the extraneous “stuff” displayed) and was able to show the template folder. As it turns out, the template I was trying to delete was a remnant from a previous version of SketchUp (Free) and did not show up in my current templates but it did show up in the Scrapbook folder, so I deleted it from there.

So, bottom line, mission accomplished. Thanks a bunch. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me as I get more feet even more wet with my new “toy”.

I’m confused. Was this a SketchUp template or a LayOut template? How did it get into the Scrapbook folder?

Either way, at least it’s finished business.