Deleting a Template in Layout

Hi there. I have read the answers previously written up here to this problem. I still, for the life of me, cannot delete templates in Layout. I am on a PC, and I can’t find them anywhere. Thank you

Your custom templates should be in a normally hidden directory under your username. It would be User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2019/LayOut/Templates. You can show the AppData folder by going to File Explorer. Then select your user name and in the View menu show Hidden Items.

Yes! Legend. Thanks so much, my brain was melting.

Glad that helped.

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Begs the question why was the template directory location is forced in Sketchup…(oops not Layout, my bad)… its location used to be user selectable like the materials, compunents, styles etc directory locations still are… ? Certainly not a user friendly decision… there must have been a compelling reason… ? And a pain for any networked offices…

In LayOut Preferences you can add a folder for templates to be:

There doesn’t seem to be any restriction as to where the additional folders are located.

They aren’t “forced” to that location. You can choose a location as Colin shows. How did you get the idea that the user is forced to use the provided Templates folder?

You can also choose your own location for scrapbooks and pattern fill images if you want.

this would be convenient for SketchUp, as well.

to add, SketchUp is always developed from a ‘one man operation’ viewpoint, I guess, which makes it very hard for companies to manage resources, settings, extensions, etc. etc.

sorry Colin… you are correct… I meant to refer to SketchUp, still begs the question why do we have the option in Layout but it was removed in Sketchup?

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