Do I have to redo my template after every update?

This is driving me mental. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I have to redo my templates in sketchup and layout every year. I tried to find the saved template from 2021, but couldn’t.

Why spend the time creating a template when I have to do it over and over again?

The templates are stored in a normally hidden directory. Look in Preferences>Files to find and open the path. You can then copy the template files from the previous version to the current one.

Alternatively you could just open the template in the older version, save it to your desktop, open it in the new version and immediately use Save as template.

I’ve made the normally hidden User/AppData directory visible in File Explorer and simply copy the Template from the previous version to the new version when I migrate. I save custom materials,styles, and components in the same default location and they get copied over in the same way.

Please correct your profile. It indicates you are using SketchUp Free (web) which is wrong if you are asking about SketchUp Pro and LayOut.

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There is also a conceptual thing. An “upgrade” is not an “update”. If you install SketchUp 2022, it does not overwrite or delete SketchUp 2021, but installs separately from that. So nothing should be lost!

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Had the same issue, but menaged to work around it.
Just save a copy of your template(s) to a specific folder, for example “MySketchyTemplates”, once you have/had update/upgrade the software, just open the template(s) from your “MySketchyTemplates” and immidiately “Save as template”, if needed check the “make default” box.

PS if you start “New From Template” , and select “My Templates”, it shows the directory where your template(s) is stored! (or at least in SUP21 it does)

…like/or as DaveR said :wink:

Saving an extra copy of your templates as you do isn’t a bad idea although the Templates folder in the previous version acts as that backup folder as long as you don’t remove it. I’ve got several old versions worth of these folders mostly because I haven’t found a need to delete them yet.

True two and likewise. Still got a couple older version installed as well, but somehow i can find my own folder way faster then the (hidden) folders of programs :wink:
And like you said, an extra backup (in case of a system crash or whatever) couldn’t hurt!

You can make the AppData folder visible in File Explorer if you want.
Screenshot - 6_1_2022 , 8_25_29 AM

Or open it from Preferences.

I’m sorry to say i’m a TotalCommander user which is already set to show hidden and system files
And yes, through the preferences window you also have easy acces to them folders.
Thanks for the reminders :wink:

Just a reminder…templates are simply a SU or LO file and can be stored outside the program. There is really no need to keep them in the template folder inside SU.

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