LO custom template not showing after upgrading from 2020 to 2021 LO on Mac

I browsed through some similar topic but didn’t find anything to resolve this on a Mac?! I only have access to the basic templates included in LO on the 2021 version. I had a few customed templates I was regularely using when previously working with my 2020 edition. For sure, I really need to find out how to get them all back in the new version!

Each new major version of SketchUp installs on your computer as a new program. It does not overwrite the earlier version. If you haven’t removed the folder containing the LO templates, you can get them and copy them over for use in the new version. The easiest way to do this would be to find your LayOut 2020 Templates folder under ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2020/LayOut. Copy the files and then paste them into the equivalent directory in SketchUp 2021/LayOut. Alternatively you could open each one of your templates in LO2020 and save them to somewhere easily accessible. Then in LO2021, open these files one at a time and save them as templates. Might be worth doing this method anyway to make sure your templates don’t need any updating before you save them.

Got it Dave, thank you. Couldn’t find the old template folder in my LayOut 2020 but did manage through this oldest version to save each of my templates in a seperate file, from which I got them back as new templates in my LayOut 2021. Lucky for me I only had 2 or 3 templates worth saving. Thank’s for your quick respons, really appreciate your support guys!

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Glad you got it sorted. Personally I like using that method because invariably I want to make adjustments to my templates and it seems updating to a new version is usually the catalyst for that. Sometimes it’s just something simple like changing a copyright year, sometimes it’s a change to the layers in the template.

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Mac user here with an alternate approach: I keep my Sketchup and Layout templates, materials, scrapbooks etc. in a folder in Mac Documents.

That way the files are saved to iCloud and my laptop and desktop computers automatically match files. Then, when a new version of SU/LO is released, go to Layout / Preferences / Folders and add your custom folders to the appropriate category. Same deal for Sketchup. This is quick, and keeps your custom files safely backed up. I am I am pretty sure that when your custom files are stored in the Program file they are not backed up to iCloud. Plus, the files stored in the Program files are a bit hard to find due to Mac setup.

User made templates aren’t store in the “Program file”. They are stored in a User folder. They aren’t difficult to find, either.

DaveR- Are you on a Mac or PC? There are lots of differences. On the Mac custom templates etc. are stored in Applications / Sketchup / Library which takes a bit of work to get to. And I am sure nothing in Applications is backed up to iCloud and you can’t force it to do so. That was learned the painful way.

I use both.

Well, I sure could be wrong. Do your Mac files found in Applications / Library / Sketchup back up in iCloud?

I don’t use iCloud. I don’t like storing my content on someone else’s computer.

The user created content like templates for LayOut do not go into Applications/Library… They go into ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp… This is a user area not an Applications area. The default location for things like user-created templates for both SketchUp and LayOut along with custom SketchUp materials, styles, and LO scrapbooks is in the ~/Library/Application Support. You can change those locations if you wish but there’s really nothing wrong with using the default location.

All quite fascinating. This is the file path to the user support folders.

I get there by going to Finder, selecting Applications / GO, then holding down the Options key and “Library” appears. Select Library and navigate to Sketchup and on. Nothing accessed through “Applications” will backup through iCloud or sync (via iCloud) between two Macs.

Both offsite back-up and syncing are are critical to me. For belt and suspenders I also backup to Carbonite. I have a working lifetime of documents that would be very painful to lose. I may be able to force Carbonite to backup files accessed through Applications, but I am not sure of that. I have just found that by moving the custom items folders to Documents, everything backs up nicely and syncs two computers perfectly, and when a new version of SU is released it takes me about two minutes to pull the files in.
How do you backup your files in case of crash, stolen / lost computers or fire? I am sure you must have many thousands of documents and other files.

This seems a bit like the 5 blind men describing an elephant.

BTW, thanks for all the incredibly helpful advice you provide on this board!

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It’s always good to have a backup. If you sync your data with an cloud service, it will probably sustain a nuclear attack.
Hardware fails always at some point, most times, at an inconvenient moment.
Spreading is another way to lower risks from loosing
data, but you need to know ‘where’s what’

Automation is key here, for not everyone has the discipline to even save or backup.

So you might close the lid of your laptop while the sync process isn’t finished and wondered where the changes are on your other device.

That part is (also) hidden on Mac devices, for it wants a ‘user’ friendly way to deal with.
This works well if your internet connection is good and the (changes) of the data is relatively small, like templates and other resources (component libraries and material lists)

Trimble Connect in combination with Trimble Connect Sync offers another possible way to share/backup your resources, and you are much more ‘in control’.
Check this thread: