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Hi All,

New to sketchup and layout.

I am using layout to create my documents. When I add page in layout to show further content it seems to copy the initial page created including all the content in that page. When I remove or add stuff to subsequent pages the initial page relects the changes. I would have expected that as I create more pages they will show diferent content. I cannot see the point if as we add page it just copies the previous one. Being new to it all I am sure I am missing somethimg but have not found out what it is. Any help will be welome.

The content you’re seeing on each subsequent page is on a shared layer in LO. You’ll want to put things on an unshared layer if you don’t want it to show on every page.

Look at this from the help Center.

Thanks DaveR

It is there in help but I overlooked or did not understand it.

I should not have ‘on every inside page’ layer selected as the current layer, maybe unique elements or a new layer.

I assume there is no link between the layers in the sketchup model and the layers in layout.

Well, you’ve got it now. :wink:

No. there isn’t. Layers in SketchUp don’t operate in the same way as layers in Layout. In SketchUp the layers only control visibility of components and groups. Layer 0 should always be the active layer and ALL edges and faces should be created and remain on Layer 0. (You should read about them in the Help Center, too.) In SketchUp, the order of the layers in the list makes no difference and layers provide no separation between entities.

In LayOut, layers act more like they do in programs like Photoshop. Entities on layers higher in the list will appear on top of entities on lower layers and entities on the same layer can be ordered with Move to Front, Move to Back, etc.

You can create your own templates for working in LayOut which include layers. I have four or five templates I use regularly. For the ones I use for creating dimensioned drawings and furniture plans I have layers in the following order.

Hatches and Dashes
Fold lines
On every page Text
On every page Non-text

The three on the bottom of the list are shared layers. The on every page stuff is things like page or sheet numbers, title blocks and other things I want to show throughout. Non-text is page and title block borders. Fold lines are used as guides to help me avoid putting important content right on a fold line for large sheets.

I frequently stack SketchUp viewports in LO so I have multiple layers for those model viewports.

And another thing. Get into the habit of making a scene in SketchUp for each view you’ll use in LO and make any changes you need in the SU model rather than in LO. If you need to zoom in or change the camera position, do that in SketchUp and update the scene. Do not open the viewport in LO to make those kind of changes.

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Thank you very much.

The advice is very useful and appreciated

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