Possible to edit the list of pages under 'On Every Page' Shared Layer in layout?


The ‘on every page’ layers is great but I would like control over which pages this shared layer effects.
This way, I can apply some elements to a certain set of pages and other elements to another set of pages, by assigning them to the right shared layers respectively.

I don’t know if this feature exists but I’m sure you can develop it for the next update.

Thanks in advance.

Layer visibility is a per page thing. Just turn off that layer for pages where you don’t want the content to show. You can create additional shared layers if there’s other content you want to be shared on other pages.

I’m kind of surprised that a “sketchupguru” is asking that kind of question.


Okay I figured it out.

I guess a layer called ‘On Some Pages’ could come in really handy. And I can control which pages this layer effects from a centralized window.

Imagine working with 200 pages with different sorting orders in the same project. I can’t select each page and then hide those layers. That would be a lot of work.

Well, even the guru keeps learning I guess :slight_smile:

Sounds horrific :scream:

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I mean, if you have LO files that are 200 pages I would consider breaking that up into logical sections. For me, and my workflow in residential timber building I have various sets - overall Architectural, Wall Section Details, Timber Frame Drawings, Structural Drawings, etc… each set can vary in number of pages, and I assemble them into a final set with a PDF editor.


I would definitely look at breaking that project down by drawing type. Especially considering industry standards of page numbering, there is no need to load every sheet in one file. I simply can’t imagine how slow a 200 page document would be with updating references. A1. for site plans, A2. for floor plans, roof plans and RCP, A3. for elevations & sections and so on. Each of those drawing types can be a separate LO file. Since you can have multiple LO files open there really is no need for all in one file.