First page and Shared layers

I watched “LayOut Design Package” from the Sketchup Campus.
In this particular video …
… the project title, which is made from a auto-text put in a shared layer, is not visible even though it exists in the other pages (because of being inside a shared layer).

How can one exclude an auto-text, or anything else, residing inside a shared layer from being visible in certain pages?

The page and layer setup was made in this video at 3:33

if its not visible there’s something else on top of it, or the layer is turned off on that page.

Layer visibility is a per page setting. You can have any layer turned on for some pages but not others. In the case of page numbers, you can put the auto text tag on a shared layer that is turned off for the first page. Look at the title block templates supplied with LayOut. Many of them demonstrate this. For example:

The cover sheet has the layer visibility set as shown.

If the PageNumber text was added to the On Every Inside Page layer it won’t be displayed on the cover sheet.

It will be displayed on the second and subsequent pages, though. Note on the inside page the Cover Page title block and borders are not shown.

Note that layer name and page name have no impact on this. You can call your layers and your pages whatever you want. The ones shown in the template are just named as they are in hopes of making things clear.

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O gosh, silly me.

How could I not think about this :smiley:

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Busy thinking about other stuff? :slight_smile:

Often you feel confident that you’re paying attention, but then you realize you mis something as simple as - in this case - hiding the layer :smiley:

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