When I add something to one page, it appears in all pages

in SketchUp layout, when I add something to one page, it appears in all pages in a file I made last year and updated to 2023 layout

and also, I can’t get it to “arrange, bring to front.”

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Sounds to me as if you have added something onto a share layer so it’ll show on every page. Put it on an unshared layer and that won’t happen.

Arrange only works for entities on the same layer. It doesn’t work betwen layers. You’d need to change the order of the layers in the Layers panel to arrange objects on different layers.

Share the LO file. That will help us help you further.

Are you still using SketchUp 2019 as your profile says?

Thanks, that did it. I haven’t used layers. I may need to explore them.

I think so. You should have separate layers for things like SketchUp model viewports, dimensions, annotations, and so on.

The ON EVERY PAGE option is available for all layers using the icons to the right of the Layer name in the Layers tray. The idea is to use this function for only stuff like title blocks etc. Don’t do it for page numbers however.

Why not? Use PageNumber auto text tag for it and put it on a shared layer. Perfectly fine and simple?

Auto text*

I use it specially for page numbers and names, you must use auto text if you don’t want to get the same number or name on every page.

I just copy paste the number (you can paste repeatedly onto each page) then edit. Guess I don’t trust automatic stuff much. Besides I remix page orders often. Just me tho.With copy paste the number and whatever other stuff pastes to the exact position on the new page, so it’s a no brainer for placement.

The PageNumber Auto Text tag will keep up with that.

No brainer for placement using Auto Text, too.

I think I’m too set in my ways to learn certain new tricks. Arf.

That’s fine if you have 5 pages, but if have 50 is an unnecessary waste of time, also if you change the order of the pages the auto text won’t change the numeration or mess the names of the pages. If you have a workflow that fits you, it’s perfect, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a new user.

Yeah, for me 15 pages is the max. If it’s more than that I just say I’m done. More than that is way too much in LO at this point in it’s development.

Build a template. Autotext for page numbers, sheet titles, all sorts of stuff. Maybe learn a bit more about the tools you are using instead of trying to hammer in screws.

Woof woof.
Learn and grow.
Make your life and your work better.
Challenge yourself.

Or come back here in a few days / months / years and ask why simple stuff doesn’t work and hope Dave takes pity on you and sorts you out.

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The “auto stuff” is the least of my concerns in LO. I have given it a ton of time and effort and basically ended up wasting so much time due to what appears to me to be a program that just is too difficult to make it work properly, especially dimensions. Notation is OK. Correlation with SU is especially nice. I do use LO on smallish architectural projects and find it acceptable. It’s when I get to the large projects that it just takes too much time as compared to cad for me at this point.
I love SU for design and topographic site studies , solar studies and use it without hesitation and use LO to present those designs and other graphics projects like our company portfolio and public project city council presentations. I even used it to illustrate a book l wrote on SU that I distributed to seminar attendees.

Just, for me, I have to export to cad to complete the larger architectural stuff cuz it’s simply what works for me and is more accepted by the other professionals in my field.
I’m just glad that you made SU cad compatible.Thanks ever so much for that.


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