New layout configurations in version 2019

In prior versions of Layout, you were able to create a template that allowed you to save internal page parameters to be consistent on every inside page. That was even the name of the command - “every inside page.”
Does anyone know how to do that in version 2019? Doesn’t seem to be available.


It’s still the same. Nothing has changed in LayOut as far as layers go. You can set up a layer to be shared on all pages and then turn off its visibility for the cover page. That’s the way it has always been done. If you want to name the layer On Every Inside Page, you can do that. Or you can call it something else. The layer name doesn’t matter. What matters is that you set the layer to be shared in the column to the right of the lock symbol.

This is a screenshot of the Layers panel for one of the supplied templates in LO2019.

Ahhh! Thanks! It’s been a while since I had to edit my templates, and had forgotten about that.