Copy page from an older Layout document with large image files to new layout document

I’m trying to copy/paste the contents from one page of an existing Layout document to a new one. The page contains Title 24 info with lots of text. The text graphics are very clear in the original document, but the pasted image in the new one is hardly readable. Is there a better way to transfer a page from one Layout document to another?

Thank you!

It’s hard to say exactly without seeing the files you’ve got. Can you share the LO files?

I’m new to the Sketchup forum. Not sure how to attach files!

Assuming they are within the size limits, just drag and drop the files into your forum reply. If they are too big then just upload them to Drop Box and share the link.

Ok, here are the two files.

Not sure if they uploaded, I don’t see anything indicating upload successful.

But if they did:

I tried to copy/paste page 2 of “Abby architectural” into page 3 of “Colonial”…look at the difference in resolution.



Nothing. Probably too large. Try the Drop Box route.

Ok, here’s the dropbox link:

OK. I’ve had a look. You copied a page from a PDF file and pasted it into “Abby arch…” but when you copied from that LO doc, you copied the PNG image that is created for display on the page instead. That PNG’s resolution is reduced because you have Display Resolution set to Low.

Instead of copying the PNG image from the first document to the second, you should use the original source file. Or create high res PNGs from the PDF to insert into your documents.

FWIW, I poked around your files a little. You’ve got a recipe for disaster on your hands with many of the SketchUp viewports in your documents. You’ll want to be very careful about how you handle things if you have to go back to the SketchUp files and make modifications.

I am very grateful for your quick response, thank you. If I no longer have the source file, are there any other options? Change of settings in Sketchup or Layout?

I appreciate your comments about the viewports in the documents. While I have been using Sketchup for 10 years, I am relatively new to Layout. I am still struggling with creating tidy construction documents from the Sketchup drawings. Any tips that you have to help me build my skills in this area would be appreciated.


For those images from the PDF file(s), perhaps the easiest thing would be to export a PDF of the page from the earlier document and combine it with a PDF export of the rest of the pages from the second document.

Alternatively, you could save a copy of “Abby arch…” with a new name, remove the all of the old content except those grabs of the PDF file and then copy the content from “Colonial…” into it.

Going forward, it’s best not to copy and paste from one application into SketchUp. The copy and paste operation results in a reference to a temporary file that will get deleted when the operating system does a clean up. Instead, create actual image files saved into the project folder so there are dependable reference files.

As far as working with SketchUp files in LayOut, best practice is to set up scenes that show the views of the model as you want to see them in LayOut. This includes setting the style properties. Don’t make any changes that show the scenes as modified in LayOut because that will break the link between the scenes and the viewports in LayOut. If you need to change something about the view orf the model, do it in SketchUp and update the scene. Also do not use Last saved SketchUp view for viewports in LO. It should be obvious by it’s name that it’s risky business to use it. If you go back to SketchUp to edit the model and don’t save with the view of the model exactly the same as before, the viewport will get changed and probably not the way you want it.

For example, you are using the Last saved SketchUp view for the selected viewport.

I opened the SketchUp model and made a revision to the geometry, saved the file and returned to LO. You can see what’s happened when the reference got updated. The model isn’t displayed correctly and drawing entities that you added in LO no longer align correctly. Some of the labels are also balled up.

I don’t see that you’ve done the following in these but I’ll mention it anyway. Don’t copy and paste from SketchUp to LayOut. As with copying from other applications, the copy function creates a reference in a temporary location. It won’t be a proper reference to the SKP file. Once you’ve inserted the first viewport from the SU model, copy that viewport to make additional ones.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should go through the LayOut Essentials tack.