Copy and pasting between layout documents isn't working

I am trying to copy and paste details from an A1 layout sheet to an A3 layout sheet. There is a SketchUp plan with dimensions and notes. It worked on an earlier sheet with other details but on the second A3 sheet it won’t . . . . . . however, I looked at the size of the ‘virgin’ sheet and it was 48KB, I then did the copy and paste and although nothing appeared, I saved it and looked at the size then and it was 9.1MB so it would appear to be there but invisible!


Can you share the two LO files so we can see what you have?

If you don’t want to share them publicly, share them via PM. Due to the size, you’ll need to upload them to something like Drop Box and share the link.

I will see if I can do that . . . . bare with me!

I’m also having the same issue where I can’t copy and paste between pages of the same LO document.

I’ll tell you the same thing. Share the LayOut file so we can see what you have going on.

I tried uploading the layout files to dropbox but dropbox message alert said:

.layout files can’t be previewed.”

I know they can’t be previewed but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stored there and downloaded from Drop Box.

Got the files. Can you share a screen grab of the references from LayOut’s File>Document Setup>References? Stretch out the window so that the entire file paths show.

I’ll get back ASAP.

So what I have done is send one A3 sheet with only the title block and that is 83KB
The the same sheet but with part of the “source” document pasted into it and the size of that is 27.3MB even though nothing can be seen. . . . . it appears to have taken information but just isn’t able to show it!

Here you go.

Excuse my ignorance, but I am unsure how to access the " references from LayOut’s File>Document Setup>References?" in order to get the screen grab.

In LayOut go to File>Document Set up>References and make a screenshot of the window.

I’m on my phone with limited access to Internet. I’ll be back with you in a couple of hours.

Just got back. Sorry for the delay.

So, copying and pasting actually is working just fine between your documents. The problem is that what you copied and pasted didn’t end up on the paper because you are copying from a large piece of paper to a much smaller one. In LayOut, pasting is always a paste in place operation. the “place” is always referenced from the sheet origin which is always the upper left corner. If you zoom back enough you can see the model viewport.

If you need to create two different documents on different size paper like you’re doing, you’re best off to either start the second file new by sending the SKP file to LayOut or using File>Insert in LayOut. If you must copy from one document to another, I would suggest starting on the smaller paper size and copying to the larger one. If you copy and paste from one document to the other, make sure you update the references in Document SetUp to have the proper links to the original files. Don’t leave links to temporary files which is what copying to the clipboard creates. If you are copying images or text files or spreadsheets, the same thing applies. You don’t want to see references pointing to temporary files.

As for the multiple page sizes, another possible workflow would be to create the document on the largest paper size and export it to PDF. Then when printing, print it on the smaller paper size.

By the way, I noticed that your scenes for your viewports show as modified. This is not a good practice because you are breaking the link to the scenes in the original SketchUp file which will create problems for you. More on that later.

@DaveR Any chance you were able to look at the files I sent over? My case is a little different in that the pages are the same size and I’m trying to paste within the same document and it’s not working. I’ve tried multiple times to copy and paste a viewport from one page, to the next page on the same document but still no luck.

Sorry. I didn’t see that you had posted a link. I’m downloading the ZIP file now.

Thank you.

I’m not finished looking at your file yet but I suspect that part of the problem is the excessive size of your SketchUp files. I purged both of them and got the following reports.

From the updated floor plan file:

And from the other file:

The files are still large and heavy. Copying and pasting is slow but it does work much better after purging than it did before.

I also notice that many of your viewports show their scenes as modified. This is not good practice because it creates problems when you need to make changes to the SketchUp file.

FWIW, after updating purging unused stuff from the SU files, updating the references in LO and then purging unused stuff from the LO file, the LO file size was reduced by a little over 30%.

That makes a lot of sense. I didn’t realize there was a purge feature. I’m going through right now and doing the same on my end to see if I get copy and paste back. I will also try removing the “Rendering” references and replacing them with static JPGs because there really is no need to have a viewport for those pages. I’ll report back shortly.

Do you mean you’ll replace the color viewports from the model with JPGs exported from SketchUp? That might get the file size down even further (or it might not, depending upon the size of the JPGs) but if you need to make changes to the model later, you’ll have more work to do to update the document.

Good luck.